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Paul Field

Paul Field

Paul has real, current and successful experience of leading Brilliance in a primary school.

He also has experience of feeling the strain of modern education, supporting staff during challenging times and has seen how embracing the Art of Brilliance can change lives – for adults and children.

A long time believer in positivity and hope, he came to the Art of Brilliance through a local schools partnership and was immediately smitten by the simplicity and potential of the idea. He went on to play a leading role in ensuring the success of the local project, culminating in a life-affirming appearance as “The Squidiot Headteacher” on the streets of Newbury.

Since the initial project in 2013, Paul has managed to weave the Brilliant message into the everyday life of the school he leads. Pupils play a leading role as they work to develop new ways to share the message, promote positivity and celebrate success. He has also been able to nurture an incredible group of Brilliant parents who support the staff and children in their quest to be the very best versions of themselves and to enjoy successful and rewarding relationships and achievements.

Through a combination of practical examples, real stories and good humour he can help you work out where you are and what you need to do to bring brilliance to your school and community. His work will be equally valuable to pupils needing help to get started, staff looking to feel better and do more or parents aiming to be more positive supporters of your school and children.