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Mikki Black


Michala Black (Mikki) grew up in the business world and kept herself fit by climbing the corporate ladder. She’s got bags of real world experience and umpteen letters after her name - but that’s not what excites her.

After many years of working with senior managers, it became evident that in order to make changes in the organisation, it is first imperative to make changes in yourself.

Mikki’s mantra can be summed up in 3 words; ‘relationships’, ‘relationships’ and ‘relationships’. Although it sounds simple enough, anyone who has ever managed people will know that it’s this pink fluffy soft stuff that is really hard!

Mikki’s job is to make it easy. She delivers corporate workshops on positivity, mindfulness and wellbeing. Her passion for making a difference has brought her into education, and she now runs workshops on character and wellbeing for teachers and young people.