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Personal Leadership Programme

‘Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the one’s we have been waiting for. We are the change that we seek’ (Barack Obama)

From experience, we know that brilliant leaders can be developed. And our experience tells us it is not simply about models, processes or self-analysis. Leadership comes from deep within us, from an understanding of who we are, the choices we make and the impact we have on others.

Over the years many clients have asked us for a more in depth leadership development offering to help brilliant individuals become brilliant leaders...and here it is! We have teamed up with The Living Leader to offer you the absolutely brilliant ‘Personal Leadership Programme’.

This three-day programme, designed by The Living Leader and delivered by Art of Brilliance, is perfect for managers and leaders who want to take core themes from The Art of Being Brilliant up to the next level. The aim is to embed the principles in the culture of your organisation so that ‘can-do’ attitudes become the absolute norm. If you want to develop a coaching culture that delivers tangible results then this is the place to start!

Imagine what you would see around you if your leaders and teams made a deliberate and conscious choice to focus on the positive. Imagine what could be achieved if your leaders and teams took 100% personal responsibility for success in every aspect of their working life. Imagine what it would feel like if your leaders and teams understood their impact and applied this understanding to bring out the best in everyone.

The Personal Leadership Programme will help you deliver....

  • A passionate, positive and completely engaged team – hungry to grow and take on increased responsibility. Constantly striving to exceed expectations.
  • A team with the drive and the initiative to actively seek obstacles and use these as catalysts for improvements.
  • A team that thrives on openness, trust and effective communication to deliver high performance with real efficiency.
  • A team so energetic and driven, they not only perform – but take 100% responsibility to actively seek ways to drive the business forward.
  • A team with the confidence to deliver innovation and build a competitive edge.

Becoming a brilliant leader does not require a personality transplant! Small changes consistently applied will make a massive difference to you, your team, your customers and your organisation.

Key themes:

  • Leadership definitions
  • Integral performance
  • Knowing your team
  • Communicating behaviours
  • Taking responsibility
  • Motivation
  • Self-fulfilling prophecies
  • ‘Pull’ and ‘push’
  • Listening
  • Appreciation

The programme is delivered over two consecutive days with a follow-up day three weeks later. This enables a three-day programme to effectively become up to a 21-day programme as delegates apply learning in their day-to-day work with immediate effect.

Champneys Springs, Ashby de la Zouch, Midlands (Access to Spa included!)
27/28 November and 18 December 2017
All day (including overnight stay 27/28 November)
£1500 (£1800 including VAT) per person