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The Art of Brilliance blog

Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

Get lucky in 2017

Posted: 26 Dec 16 by Andy C

Advice for an adventure-filled 2017 from Stephen Asbury, our health, safety and environment expert.

Good tidings of hoo-ga and joy

Posted: 11 Dec 16 by Andy C

Here’s a happiness strategy for anyone of any age, and yes, it is rather ‘fashionable’.

My greatest moment

Posted: 30 Nov 16 by Andy C

The backstory to my greatest ever moment. August 1976. I was nine. In an era before Wi-Fi, when kids had to make their own entertainment, me and my mates spent the entire summer holidays swimming in the river Trent (yes, really), and practising holding our breath.

Modern families

Posted: 15 Nov 16 by Mike

A family used to be mum, dad, 2.4 kids and a Labrador. As we know, the modern world isn’t really like that.

Rewrite your script

Posted: 02 Nov 16 by Mark

Jaws is a film with a shark in it, but it isn’t about sharks. This blog has sport in it, but, guess what, it isn’t about sport...

Project happiness

Posted: 22 Oct 16 by Andy C

As a rule, we don’t tend to do politics at Art of Brill. But this is an election that counts. One in which your vote will enhance an entire community, spreading happiness and wellbeing further than the eye can see.

Apple will fail

Posted: 12 Oct 16 by Andy C

Apple is the most profitable company in the history of profitable companies. It's held up as a model of how to do things. But sooner or later, Apple will get bitten.

How does your garden grow?

Posted: 28 Sep 16 by Tony Seymour

The best weed control and fertilizer to guarantee a bumper crop of positivity in your mental 'garden'.


Posted: 14 Sep 16 by Andy W

To prove ‘positive psychology’ is very different to ‘positive thinking’ we set Andy W a challenge – lose three stone, get fit and do the Great North Run. Here’s his report...

The hierarchy of hugging

Posted: 07 Sep 16 by Andy C

Guest blogger Kiran raises the happiness bar with level three hugs.