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Welcome to our random musings. If Carlsberg could write blogs...

Being a good ancestor

Posted: 28 Feb 17 by Andy C

I’ve been reading James Kerr’s fabulous book, ‘Legacy’ about the all-conquering All-Backs. Kerr’s introduced me to the southern African word, ‘Ubuntu’: ‘What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.’

Giving 120%

Posted: 15 Feb 17 by Andy C

Is it possible to give more than 100%?

Making a song and dance about life

Posted: 03 Feb 17 by Andy C

The principles of positive psychology are simple, but not always easy. And of course, for true authenticity, we don’t just talk about them, we live them.

How to flourish in a crazy world

Posted: 25 Jan 17 by Andy C

Unless you’re incredibly enlightened, you have been fooled into thinking that the measly 4,000 weeks average lifespan statistic is a hindrance.

Why I love paying tax

Posted: 11 Jan 17 by Andy C

Andy Cope loves paying tax. Yes, really!

A sparkling 2017?

Posted: 31 Dec 16 by Andy C

Art of Being Brilliant delegate follows our weird knicker advice. Here's what happened...

Get lucky in 2017

Posted: 26 Dec 16 by Andy C

Advice for an adventure-filled 2017 from Stephen Asbury, our health, safety and environment expert.

Good tidings of hoo-ga and joy

Posted: 11 Dec 16 by Andy C

Here’s a happiness strategy for anyone of any age, and yes, it is rather ‘fashionable’.

My greatest moment

Posted: 30 Nov 16 by Andy C

The backstory to my greatest ever moment. August 1976. I was nine. In an era before Wi-Fi, when kids had to make their own entertainment, me and my mates spent the entire summer holidays swimming in the river Trent (yes, really), and practising holding our breath.

Modern families

Posted: 15 Nov 16 by Mike

A family used to be mum, dad, 2.4 kids and a Labrador. As we know, the modern world isn’t really like that.