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Making a song and dance about life

The principles of positive psychology are simple, but not always easy. And of course, for true authenticity, we don’t just talk about them, we live them.

We’ve spent 10 years extoling the virtues of choosing a positive attitude and setting huge unbelievable great goals. That means we end up saying ‘yes’ to projects that terrify us.

So here’s the scariest one so far. Andy is running a musical version of The Art of Being Brilliant at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. It’s not the sumptuous 2,500 capacity venue that’s scary. It’s the ‘musical’ bit because, you see, Andy ain’t no singer or dancer.

So, in true ‘Art of Brill’ fashion, he’s playing to his strengths and allowing others to play to theirs. The lyricist will write the songs. The orchestra will do the musical bits. The children’s choirs will do the singing bits.

That just leaves Andy to do the easy bit – the talkie stuff. In his own inimitable way, he’ll share the best bits of 12 years research into the science of happiness and positivity, to inspire, entertain and, fingers crossed, make a bit of a difference to the wellbeing of whomever attends.

Speaking of which, he does need an audience. The messages are aimed at children in Key Stage 2 (anyone from age seven to 11) so if you know a school that needs an injection or positivity or a reminder that life is the ultimate special occasion, please help us make a song and dance about it.

If this one goes well, he’s promised to take the plunge and put one on for teenagers!

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Posted by: Andy C