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Why I love paying tax

Back in the day, pre-government and before cities, humans lived in small communities of 150 or so people. Everyone knew everyone. You all mucked in.

If there was a fire in your house, the villagers would form a human water chain to the pond and back, dousing the flames.

If one the villagers was a thief, the community would sort it by sending one of the burly elders to his house, late and night. Problem solved.

If there was a famine, you’d eke out your food stores, sharing them with next door.

Nowadays we’re civilized. Kind of. We have organised society to take care of the problems. We’ve abdicated responsibility.

So, if your house is on fire, I’m not expected to be part of the bucket gang. I’ll simply dial 999 and capture the whole inferno on my iPhone.

If you’re short of food, I’ll let the welfare state top up your income so you can nip to the Spar for your fish fingers.

If there’s a thief, I won’t personally catch him. I will ring the police and they’ll make an excuse not to.

I’m being facetious.

I love paying taxes. Yes, really! The welfare state is about collective health and wellbeing.

'Taxes' are misnamed. I am not paying tax, I am investing in my community. I am purchasing a quality of life that’s inextricably related to the people around me. So I’ve trained myself to LOVE paying tax.

I can’t feed you, or cure you of cancer, or save you from fire, but I am able to contribute to a society that can.

Andy C

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Posted by: Andy C