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Get lucky in 2017

I’d love to get fit or go on a safari, or to see Metallica or the Royal Phil’ in concert. Boy, at this time of the year, don’t we all hear people telling us of their New Year resolutions - study / lose weight / get fit / less alcohol / new job / quit smoking...

I think Nike’s strapline ‘Just Do It’ has it just about right. A couple of years ago, one of my team sent me another of his many emails proposing that we should ‘do something’. I emailed him back with four letters, adding an ‘F’ to Nike’s phrase; my reply simple read, ‘JFDI’.

A few seconds later he emailed me to ask what ‘JFDI’ meant? And when I told him, he emailed me again to express his surprise at ‘my tone’.

My tone?

My tone was ‘go for it!’

I have a bag full of (mostly old) sayings. My favourite in this context is “fortune favours the brave”. I’ve noticed over 30-odd years working in and managing companies that ‘lucky’ people – in terms of salary, promotion and in being the 'boss’ favourite' – have been those that propose, launch and implement initiatives that make their customers go ‘wow!’ Sometimes, they don’t even ask permission. They know it’s the right thing to do so they JFDI.

I’ve noticed that the 'emailers', the 'wishers' and 'wanters' are not half-so-lucky. Waiting for something to be signed off in triplicate kind of kills it stone dead?

Paulo Coello’s pithy quote goes something like, "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal". At Art of Brill, we’re not about ‘reinventing’, that’s far too much effort. We’re all about ‘reminding’. Our message is that you are already brilliant. In fact, you are amazing – a miracle even! When you’re at your best, that is. And the ‘you at your best’ will say ‘yes’ to a whole load of things that the ‘average you’ would shun.

So for an adventure-filled 2017, your commitment needs to be ‘to be your best self more of the time’. There will be slippage but with a few reminders and a following wind, you will shine at work and home.

Be a 2%er. Be lucky, and I’ll see you at the Metallica gig.

Stephen Asbury, our health, safety and environment expert

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Posted by: Andy C