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A sparkling 2017?

Breaking news from an Art of Being Brilliant delegate (in her own words)...

“You may recall asking us all to go home and tidy out our knickers drawer at the weekend. Coincidently, it was on my “to do” list anyway and so I did just that.

"I’m quite old fashioned and still line my drawers with paper and when the draw was empty apart from the lining paper, I hesitated and thought, shall I change the lining paper as well or not? I decided that I would, and on lifting the paper, I saw something in the corner of the drawer – on closer inspection I found it was my very expensive diamond eternity ring that I had lost over two years ago – I had given up on ever finding this ring a long time ago. I must have hidden the ring in my knicker drawer before I went on holiday (I think many people do this sort of thing so it is probably the first place a burglar would look!)

"Therefore, not only did I wear my best knickers to work on the following Monday (as advised by you!); I was also able to wear my long lost ring again!”

Putting aside the weirdness of our knicker advice, our aim at Art of Brilliance is to transform lives. Our mission is to go where other companies fear to tread. Indeed, we are not really a ‘business’ we see ourselves as a movement, one in which we help people to wake up to the magnificence of life.

We can’t guarantee diamond rings, but we can guarantee that happiness crops up in the most unlikely of places. Our job is to show you where and how to look.

Wishing you a peaceful and glittering 2017

Andy x

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Posted by: Andy C